Farnsworth Logistics has revolutionized the way the mattress industry conducts business relative to commodity procurement and the processes involved with dealing with our fabric vendors. The cost centers that are favorably impacted by the Farnsworth service include Labor, inventory turns, damaged freight, plant efficiencies and quality. The plants have really changed how we do business due to the Farnsworth service.

I can not imagine having to operate in the future without this valuable service. Please continue to be our business partner in the future.

• Professional
• On time deliveries
• Well established processes
• Dedicated to customer service
• Paramount in receiving many of our raw materials when we need then
• Assist in achieving inventory turns due to their reliability
Farnsworth is my first experience of having a carrier which explores our needs and work directly to fulfill those needs while looking for ways to go beyond our expectations. I know if I ask for service they will take care of my needs if at all possible.

Farnsworth has created the environment in which I know the people I speak with so we understand each other when we do business.

Focused on providing whatever service is necessary to fill he needs expressed by the Simmons facilities.

Consistent , Reliable, results oriented.

Excellent service and communications.I have no worries about shipments arriving on the days they are scheduled and on time.It is great to know that shipments are consolidated and know that each particular one will be delivered on our designated day.

This makes managing materials and planning that much easier.I feel we would struggle without having Farnsworth delivering our product.

“Reliable” & on Time!

Farnsworth does a very good job of assembling my raw materials & getting them to me on time.

Thank you very much for getting the Hickory, Global and Beverly material to me bright and early this morning.

Your special attention kept things running smoothly here and I really appreciate the extra effort put forth by all.